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Personal Financial Audits

Windy Heather

How to Monetize Your Life   |  Step 2

Open A New Account

Open a New Bank Account

Go to your local bank and open a new 

Why should you join our million dollar challenge?


The idea of this challenge is to set a goal that seems impossibly possible. Did you know that there are over 46 million millionaires? The thought of being one of those may seem far fetched at the moment but when you start to work the process of monetizing your life and creating income where there wasn't before and then using that income to create more income the possibility of being one of millions of others seems much less overwhelming so I encourage you to continue to follow the steps, breathe through the process and join the challenge.



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Congratulations!!! You are now included in our "millionaires club". Get ready to receive emails of encouragement and congrats as we share our progress together!!!

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