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Personal Financial Audits

Windy Heather


I have to admit. I have read several financial books and failed my way through most of them. I felt restricted by budgets and even more restricted by spending less and less in order to see little to no progress. 

It wasn't until I decided to make more money doing things I wanted to do instead of eating beans and rice and cancelling my Starbucks every morning (or as I like to call it...happiness in a cup).

So how does one go from negative $0 to an additional $100K? 

You take actionable steps, you hold yourself accountable to the things you want in life, you determine what is a priority and you START! 

See the 10 ACTIONABLE steps to create an additional 100K!!!

How To Make Your First 100K


When it comes to money there are two ways to look at it. Through blinders or through a magnifying lense. It is so much easier to say everything is fine with blinders on and act as if there is nothing we can do since we can't really answer any questions about what we make or worse... what we spend. The goal; however, is financial freedom and we get that when we have a healthy relationship with money. It's important to get real and in order to increase it your income from nothing to 100K we cannot do that with blinders on. 

When you understand exactly what you spend money on you can't realistically decide if the reason you don't have money is because you truly don't have enough income or if it's because you truly aren't prioritizing it for the life you want. It is only at this point that you can you change your relationship with money.

I encourage you to get real. I mean really, really, really real. Print 6 months of statements from EVERY account you have. Savings, checking and any other place you have access to money. Also print 6 months of income statements from every source of income you make. 

Once you have every statement get a notebook (no not a spreadsheet online) I want you to write down every purchase for each month. .If you went to pizza hut make a column for pizza hut (not food). If you went to BP vs Mobile then write it down separately. 

Every single purchase,

Every single penny. 

(If you have a significant other doing this with you make sure you do this exercise separately to ensure you both come up with the same numbers and understanding where money is going).

Once you've finished one month tally up each purchase by location (pizza hut, mobile, kohls, mortgage) etc. and put into a spreadsheet for that month. 

Upon completion of your expenses repeat the process with your earned income for those months (reminder that taxes, medical, etc are all considered expenses). Keep this notebook incredibly close through the next steps.

***If this task causes you to halt your progress note that I absolutely love doing this process and offer this service , just email for more info*** 


This is the fun step. This is where you get to dream and create the life you want. If you could work any job, build any business, stay home with your kids, live anywhere, workout, get healthy, go back to school, play video games, travel more, help care for your parents, own any car, etc. what would you do? 

For me I'm visual so I scrolled mindlessly through Pinterest and created a vision board so I could clearly define what that looked like to me for the next two years. 

(I caution you to look to much further out than two years because our lives can change so much and it usually ends up redefining itself for us.)

The good news is we can constantly redefine our life as we reach goals or change our minds or life changes without our consent, as it does...which is a great reminder that life itself is not set in stone.

This is your life and your legacy, lets define it.

It's important to do this step to inspire your ability to make $100,000 for the right reasons. There is nothing more disappointing than making $100,000 and realizing you spent it on pizza hut and the dollar store vs skiing in the alps and a down payment on a new home (unless pizza and dollar items are your dreams). 

Have fun with this and again keep this close at hand for the remaining steps.

***Don't have a clue on where to start? Email me and Let's do a quick directive session***


It is incredibly easy to focus on what our own personal needs are but I highly encourage you to have each member of your family define their life as well. (Let them do this without direction from you so you are not steering them to create your life but instead letting them define their life goals).

Nothing derails financial planning more than not taking into account the needs of those around you. 

If you are single skip this step but if you are in any sort of relationship with unbreakable ties it's important to incorporate their needs as well. 

Making a plan to get to $100K in additional income is easy if you have all your information in front of you. 

It is important to know that your daughter wants to do competitive dancing and understand the costs involved and it's imperative to know your spouse has always wanted a horse farm and to take a family trip to the Florida keys, as well as, crucial to take in account that your aging parents don't have a long term care plan and their health is failing. 

Best advice... if you have a family or long term committed relationship of any sort that dictates where money goes it is a great idea to do step 2 & 3 together and have fun! 

Encourage everyone to dream and if the topic of money comes up just breathe and remind everyone that you can't create a financial plan that incorporates what is important to everyone until you know what your planning for.

***Have a family member that is holding this process back? Email me and let's do a quick session on how to overcome push back from family***



OK, back to reality. Now it's time to take everything you've worked on and make a plan. 

You can start making money without 1-3 but I promise your progress with produce stellar results if you take time to Get Real with the Life You Want for you and your family. 

On a large sheet of poster board write each persons name along the top and divide into sections. (If it is just for you write your name on the top). Now take everyone's goals, dreams, life expectations and put in order based on how you feel most comfortable attacking it. 

This could be by importance, cost or opportunity. 

If your daughter wants to get a car and wants to do gymnastics the focus may be on gymnastics with the car being further down the list...since she is 7. 

Do not leave anything off of the revised list that you or your family originally had wanted, and make sure there is a goal date and cost associated with each one. Ex. Gymnastics...start 11/1/2020...$125/mo

Again, you are not worried about how you will get the money or where it's coming from at this point you are only concerned that you are building and creating lives that you are excited to live. 

Once you are finished take out your account audit from step 1 and self analyze. This is where you get to decide what is a priority and what you want to continue to spend money on and what you want to give up to reach goals in life. 

Example...If you swear you don't have any money to let your daughter start gymnastics and your audit tells you that you spent an average of $140/mo at pizza hut the reality is that you are prioritizing pizza over gymnastics. 

However, if you have spent $140/mo at pizza hut because every Sunday you meet your parents and siblings there and you love having time to catch up and be a part of that experience and you love these gatherings then you are prioritizing correctly. 

It is important to balance fun and responsibility in order to achieve a good life balance.

Continue auditing yourself and transferring the funds to your "new life" 

***Need someone to walk you through the process or just bounce off concerns too? Schedule a quick financial shift session***


I am 100% positive that everyone ended up with more dreams than money from the previous steps and even after you have done a thorough life audit you did not create an extra $100K to complete this challenge. 

So now it's time to increase income and this is where I get all excited for you. 

Let's say you want to make $100K in a year, you have just committed to $1,923/week. 


If you are one of many individuals making a minimum wage of $7.25/hour you would have to work 256 hours a week or 37.89 hours a day! 

Since that is not a possibility and 100% not feasible we have to find a different way and that means increasing your income. 

Caution: Once you start this process of monetizing your life you will be able to see financial possibilities everywhere you look and it can become addicting

I'd like to think that we are all worth something every hour of everyday and for me I always had a hard time when people would say how much they make per hour because the reality is they are basing it on the 8 hours their employer says they are "worth" anything. 

So I challenge you to take your weekly income and divide it by 168 hours that make up a week. 

For those who are making minimum wage and working 40 hours a week at $7.25/hr or $290/week are actually being told by their employers that their "monetarily worth" $1.72/hour for each hour of each day of their life. 

If you do this with someone making $100K/yr  they are technically "monetarily worth" $11.45/hour. This is just to give you a guide so that (regardless of where you are starting) to make $100K...$11.45/hr of each day is the goal to add to what you currently make and now we get to increase income based on your goal. 

For me figuring out $11.45 at a time is much less daunting than $100K...who's with me?!

***Feeling discouraged about where you are starting and where you want to be. Schedule a quick session to clarify the steps to reach your goals*  


Before you get started adding income through various forms you want to make sure that you are directing the new income to what is important. So it's important to make sure that you have a goal calendar that allots for variable income. 

Pull out your audit form and create a line item with amount for each mandatory item that you have from step 1, these would be bills that if paid late would affect your credit or items that automatically withdraw out of your account. List the month you are entering into at the top and 1-30/31 down the side. List the bill and the amount next to the day it is due during the month. Example list Rent $1200 next to the number 1 if due on the first of the month. Continue with every single bill that is due (do not list any other item...yet)

After all bills are entered (and I do mean all bills) review your audit list again. Now make a list of all items that you will be spending money  on this month, such as, food, personal, fun, gas, fitness, etc. On a separate page create the same list 1-30/31 with each item listed along the top. Instead of writing down the amount on a specific day I want you to take the total you intend to spend on food (lets say $400/mo) and divide it by number of days (lets say 30) and put $13 down the line for every day. Do this with every item you intend to spend money on. 

Then, do the same thing on another sheet of paper but list items along the top with your monthly or yearly goals. If you have something you want ot pay off like a credit card this is a separate item than the actual card already listed on your main calendar. Again, take the total and define the daily amount. If it is a monthly goal divide by the number of days, if it is a yearly goal divide by 365 days. Either way you are looking to find that daily number. 

DO NOT STOP because you do not currently make the amount you need...that is not the goal of this exercise. The goal is to determine where your money is going as you begin to make the $100K. Once you've done this once you will want to duplicate it and it's important at the end to have something to show for it (your goals met).

Once you've completed this you will place your income starting with line 1 across the three pages, then line 2 and continue until you've completed the month. This is important as you increase your income. 

If, at end the month, you do not have enough income pull money from the goal list to cover mandatory expenses. Do not do this if you have not exhausted every way possible to make more income. If you create an excess of income this month do not put it in a savings account; Instead, place the income into the next month and continue to "store" money via your calendar. I firmly believe you make better decisions when you know there is money in your account


This is an ever changing and extensive topic in itself but it is THE topic that will transform what you make today into what you make tomorrow. It is incredibly important to pay attention to the opportunities around you and see if there is a way to monetize what you were going to do anyway. Listed below are just small examples of how to generate new income in your day to day life. The idea in this step is to start where you are, with what you have and create income that you can continue to grow daily. As you utilize the platforms and options below you can move into step 8 and invest the new income into faster and more passive income

Example: You are going to get the get upside app and save 5 cents or more per gallon 

Example: You need to buy shoes, you go to kohls and get $10 back in kohls cash

Example: Offer your services in exchange for product or service (do admin work for gymnastics lessons)

Example: Use a current skill set and sell it on several platforms for said skill (, snagajob, udemy)

Example: Get a part time job 

Example: Ask for a raise

Example: Change jobs for more pay

Example: Sign up for EVERY gig economy work available in your area (Uber, Lyft, Postmates, Grubhub, Shipt, Acertus, Etc.)

Example: Start a side hustle 

Example: Sign up for EVERY reward program and EVERY referral program available in your area

Example: Resell Items you own or buy and sell items you find

Example: Start a business utilizing a pre built platform (Hulafrog), 

Example: Rent Items you have utilizing an existing platform (Airbnb, Turo, RVresy, Stylelend, spinlister, Getaround, )

Example: Become a beta tester and earn free products

Example: Use Coupons for everything or utilize programs with discounts (Raise, Rakuten, Ebates, Ibotta, Fetch)

Example: Don't spend on things that are not bringing you closer to your goals

Example: Order everything, including groceries online. Time is money. 

Example: Use credit cards with rewards programs

Example: Apply for scholarships and grants if you're in school (Scholly, FAFSA)

Example: Level Up and get ready to invest and transition from active income to passive income

Remember that every option is an option to make money; however, do not pay to sell anything or join a platform in this step

***Schedule a 30 min session to delve into what income options are best for you ***


You have a plan and you have ways to create active new income in every way possible. It's time to transition from active income to passive income so that you can excel to $100K faster. 

When we talk about active income we are talking about income that requires you to physically present to participate for each hour you work to make money, such as, your 9-5 job or driving for Uber. 

The goal is to transition but not jump to quickly. That means while you are working and creating new income you must start to research and decide what forms of passive income you are most comfortable with and what steps you need to begin that process. These will be added to page three of your variable worksheet from step 6

When I started this process I was beyond burnt out and couldn't imagine trying to add one more thing to my plate. 

Guess what I worked the active income until my mindset changed and just so you know...that is 100% ok!

 At that point instead of working to create the passive income I researched EVERYTHING!!! I read up on blogging, I read up on dropshipping, I read up on becoming an Amazon seller, I delved into the ins and outs of writing my own book, I researched owning property, I tweaked previous business ideas I had in my journal, I took classes on Udemy to see what triggered my interests, etc., etc., etc. Basically I figured out what I personally liked and then started moving in a direction that made me feel like I could transition. 

Again the list below is a starting place but the options are endless

***These items should be listed on your 3rd variable income sheet from step 6

Example: Purchase a home and rent it out

Example: Purchase an event center (small at first) and rent it out

Example: Create and sell e-books

Example: Create an online course 

Example: Create a blog and utilize affiliate marketing

Example: Build a business and get it to a point where you can hire someone to run it (be a business owner not an employee)

Example: Purchase annuities, stocks, bonds, etc

Example: Invest in another persons business 

Example: Purchase rentable items and hire someone to work the business

Example: Open bank accounts that offer incentives 


I cannot stress how important this step is. If you lose your 9-5 job or get sick and can no longer walk dogs as your side gig it is insanely important to have more than one income stream and more than one version of leveling up. 

Owning a rental is great until the roof needs repaired or your tenant doesn't pay that month but if you also have an online course that was marketed well and brings in additional income you will not feel the same stresses than you would if that was your only income. 

Remember we are looking to increase our income with these exercises by $1923/week so if you can make $400 on your rental, $600 on online courses, $700 on a personal business you have someone running and $200 renting out items you have successfully diversified. 

It is so important to get to the point of creating NEW sources of income of $100K before you consider stopping your active income. The only caveat is if you can prove to yourself that you can truly create that income faster if you stop putting your time in at your 9-5 and into writing or building your business, still actively, until it reaches your current income AND the 100K. 

Remember this 100K is in addition to where you are. To truly move into mostly passive income you should be making your current salary plus the 100K in these exercises. So as you create that income and hitting your personal goals focus on where you can level up your money.

It is so much fun when you have $1000 in the bank and you purchase a commercial inflatable bounce house and rent it for $75/day 10 days a month and watch that $1000 in 3 months jump to $2,250 

...or invest 20 hours of "down time" into an ebook and launch it and make $4-$1000/month without any additional work. 

...Or take $1500 and put it in a bank account and they give you $250 just for leaving it in their bank for 6 months. 

The ways to diversify are endless and the biggest challenge on this step is really making sure that you are accounting for the outgoing expenses and incoming expenses for each venture to ensure it is creating income and not becoming a liability. 


This is the step where it just got fun! 

You hit 100K over your income and you learned what made you the most new income, how to level up to make that money work for you and how to diversify that income to ensure you didn't loose everything if a single venture failed. 

Now you get to do it again, bigger, better and with the confidence of someone making 100K more than you were before!

However, this time you don't have the strings of 9-5 or active work to hold you back. You've given yourself more time in the day, additional life to live on your terms and access to the goals you and your family set for yourself without the deprivation of a typical financial plan. 

Imagine, you increase by another 100K in passive income to add to your portfolio in the same ventures that were already working or in new ones that you set out to explore.

You can take bigger risks and reestablish your original family goals. 

Imagine doing this 4 or 5 more times and making closer to half a million in a year! 


Windy Heather

Thank you for visiting my blog! It has always been my dream to change my personal life in a way that allows me to build and create a personal legacy for my children. It wasn't until I was able to define my way to help others that I was able to take the leap from my own limitations and put my authentic life into action and begin achieving the goals I wanted for myself. 

I have two college aged boys and I believe it is very important to ensure that family goals are intertwined in my goals. As you read through the different blogs you will find that I believe whether you are single, have a family or are a caretaker of any sort we can all have a legacy that we leave that is truly unique and defined by the experiences we lived. 

I look forward to hearing your successes (and failures...we all have them) along the way and encourage you to encourage others each day.