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Windy Heather


How To Launch a Business for $39.95/Month

Building a business is HARD work. It's hours of blood, sweat and tears and countless hours of devotion. Have you ever just wanted to wake up and own your own business? Have you ever wished that you could bypass the research and paperwork involved in launching a nationwide company?  Have you ever just wanted to follow a step by step action plan and make 100% of the profits? and Have you ever wanted to do that for $39.95/mo? Yes?... Come join me! 

I have spent years creating business plans but I knew I was missing something that I wanted more than anything. I wanted to create business opportunities, not jobs that paid minimum wage but real opportunities for individuals to be a part of their community and grow in a specified field and even get to a point where those individuals could create more jobs in their community.

So How do you  Launch a Business for $39.95/month?...

1. Determine if  you can commit $39.95/month

2. Determine if you have 3 hours a day to follow the action plan

3. Determine if you prefer to work in the travel industry or property/vendor management

4. Understand that any business start up may take months without any new income and be real with yourself if this would derail you

5. Determine if you can work without supervision to create your income goals

6.  Fill out the contact form and sign up today to see if you qualify 


It all seems simple right? With the right mindset it is easier but nothing is simple. If you find yourself stating 1-5 above are completely feasible than you are in a better starting position to succeed.  However, the realities will always come into focus with any venture you undertake and it is incredibly important to understand your personality regardless of any business you become a part of. Whether that is a 9-5, gig work or a business within a business such as this one. Even with the best laid process in the world there is no guarantee of overnight success. 

In fact I specifically choose categories of work that I enjoy and want to work with so that I do not drain my happiness working on projects that I find no purpose or passion for. By doing so I am also able to transfer my excitement for the business to those that are growing theirs so we collectively create an amazing brand across the country. 

Do I believe everyone is a good fit? No, I don't. This is not to discount that you may be fit for greatness in a different area (which I'd love to bounce those ideas around with you); however, not every person enjoys travel or property/vendor management and those two areas are the focus here.

Is money truly important when starting a business. Yes...I realize that excess income and time is not something that is common place for a large majority of individuals. If you are interested but find the financial or time commitment to be more than you can do right now I suggest reading "How to make 100K" so that you can create additional income to launch your own business in this form or another and have the time to do so. But if you do have $39.95 to spend each month this may very well be the exact business type that you can continue to use to grow your income. 

Is it important to have a professional background to start? Kind of... It's important to have the professional mindset to be part of creating a national brand within a specified industry of either travel or property/vendor management. When you are presenting yourself in your community you are essentially presenting yourself as a national brand. For example: If Joe in Topeka presents the brand poorly to Chris, and Chris moves to Honolulu and is now in Kim's territory he already has a bad experience with that brand and may not want anything to do with Kim because of his experience with Joe.

Most important is to have the ability to follow a well laid out approach to a specific set of income producing tasks. The goal is to be a beacon of expertise in your community and create income producing results to sustain the goals you set for yourself. 

These companies are set to launch in March 2021 and applications are being accepted now! Those who pre launch will receive vital information and techniques on how to be successful when the companies launch in March 2021.

  • Receive Personal Page to list/link access for your city
  • Receive Personal Blog Page to share regarding your city
  • Receive Personal Shop Page to sell specified items pertaining to your city
  • Receive 100% of Advertising Sales
  • Receive Monthly Planner to propel you forward in sales and success
  • Receive the abiility to link your personal website *
  • Receive the ability to add additional city** or transfer locations**


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